Q.1 What is Group Car Purchase?
A.1 Group Car Purchase is a unique initiative that give a strong bargaining power to the car buyers. We provide them a common platform where users can come together, form groups and look for heavy discounts on bulk car purchase. Not just that, as a car buyer you can consult our experts on the choice of suitable car model for you.
Q.2 How can I search for a group?
A.2 Welcome to Groupcarpurchase.com. We give you a simple and quick option to select your desirable brand, car model and your current city. Upon which, the existing groups for your search will appear on the page for you to join. If no groups are currently created for the same, you can create a new group.
Q.3 Do I need to search buyers after creating a new group?
A.3 As you create a new group giving your location and car requirements, different users looking for the same model will search and join your group. You specifically need not search for buyers to join your created group. However, you may share your group details on social media locations such as Facebook, Twitter and others, for interested people to join.
We, at our end, also keep updating our registered audience about the newly created groups to seek any interested buyer.
Q.4 I wish to join a group on Groupcarpurchase. How can I do that?
A.4 You can make a search for your preferred brand and model, basis which our search engines will display any existing active groups. The groups represent people that are interested for the same car brand and model. As you reach the list of active groups, you can join any group by providing your contact details.
A group remains active for a period of 60 days, upon which you can repost your requirement request by creating a new group.
Q.5 Is there a membership fee for joining a group?
A.5 No, there is no fee for creating or joining a group on Group Car Purchase, which gives it a luring opportunity for the prospective car buyers. At no additional cost, you can connect with N number of car buyers like you to grab your desired car at the most affordable price.
Q.6 I have joined a group. What’s next?
A.6 As a member of the group, you can contact the members through email or phone. Our expert team will suggest you a dealer for your desired car model and arrange for meetings. When you reach out to a dealer in group, you are able to save not just on the unit price but also avail heavy discounts on car insurance under the terms of group insurance policies, extended warranties, freebies in car accessories, auto-upgrades to higher car models, and discounts in the auto loan interest rates.
Q.7 Will my contact details be kept confidential?
A.7 For the group members to interact amongst each other, we display your email address and contact number with all the members. Our representatives notify you the dealer details and about newly added members in the group through a common email. Exclusive Offers Group Car Purchase has been spreading smile to its users since its launch by enabling a collaborative car purchase activity. We enthusiastically highlight upon the exclusive deals and offers that our previous group members have cited in their testimony, which was solely possible through our Group Car Purchase option.