About Us

While India has a vast market in form of group car purchasing, very few credible operators are available in the online forum. We at Group Car Purchase realize the need for genuine online group automobile purchase interface. Hence, we have come up with the novel initiative groupcarpurchase.com that works with the sole objective of bringing interested bulk car buyers closer to the bulk car sellers to avail the mutual benefit. A panel of automobile engineers is also set up to check for the car models, especially the used cars that are offered by the car dealers. Our service quality is extremely commendable and has helped thousands and thousands of car buyers in striking the best deals when it comes to buying cars in a lot.

When a seller registers with us, we make it a point to scan his/her background in the most effective manner ranging from finding out his previous customers, the percentage of his satisfied as well as un-satisfied clients etc. Only if an individual passes our rigorous credential check, he/she is registered as a bulk car seller. In addition to the car sellers, even the users who have registered as car buyers with us are thoroughly checked for any authenticity issues.

With us, you get the following:

  • 100% hassle-free bulk car buying experience
  • Easy access to original bulk car selling deals
  • Assistance right from cars’ model selection to the final payment
  • Round-the-clock telephonic support
  • Support from refined car deals